We recommend this event for children OVER 4! (Under 4's are welcome at the event but only if you think they had hardcore enough)

This is primarily a music concert event for the true ravers and their kids.

We play music at safe levels, however, please be aware that this is a rave environment with a lot of people, lots of flashing lights and music at a level everyone can hear clearly, dance to and enjoy.

There will be hundreds of people singing, dancing, blowing whistles and cheering. As a result, some children may find it all to overwhelming so please ensure your child is prepared for that.

All Children must be accompanied by an adult / All Adults must be accompanied by a child.

Babies are free of charge if travelling in a sling and accompanied by a full paying child - if not a child ticket will be required for the baby. All other children require a child ticket.

Admission is only for adults attending with a child with a maximum of two adults to one child.

Tickets are non-refundable.

Parents remain responsible for children AT ALL TIMES.

Pushchairs are not to be taken into the main hall.

Music is kept at safe levels. You may choose to bring ear defenders as it is a busy, loud and lively environment.

We use state of the art event/Nightclub lighting, however, we do not use strobe lighting.

Any mascots that make appearances during the party will last for approx 15 mins each.

Fully insured event and Public Liability Insurance to cover all of our attractions.